Globalization has changed the traditional Sales techniques & Marketing concepts. Sales strategies are becoming more of a “Macro level” affair now a days & things are decided from a Socio-Economical point of view. Particularly the current Global Economic scenario has made Sales & Marketing extremely tough. Recession is resulting in heavy economic crisis which has become the worst nightmare for any organization at present. We can just imagine the ongoing condition from “Cyprus”, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea which has faced complete Bankruptcy & Bailout situation. Survival is the need of the hour & we must think out of the box to sustain in the market. Apart from basic sales tools, why not trying some fresh new marketing concepts, such as Sports Events!

A CEO, Board of Director, top decision maker or a common man; almost everybody has a soft corner for sports. Let us take the example of Soccer/Football, which is the most popular sport, estimated fans of 3.5 Billion in Europe, Africa, Asia & America. Not to forget The FIFA World Cup 2006 had approximately 30 Billion of viewership all around the world. The point is if we use Sports as a Platform for promoting a product/service, it has a brighter chance of achieving more leads. Now the question comes here is, how to use a sports event to market your product. Big brands promote their products by becoming one of the sponsoring partners of an event or a team. Some good examples are Nike, Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Oracle, IBM, Herbal life & many more.

Coming towards the smaller brands, they can approach target prospects by identifying area wise sports events. Approaching prospect in a popular local sport is a very good opportunity to crack a deal. For instance, if you target prospects in Chicago area; Basketball is the most popular sports & “Chicago Bulls” is the top team. You can offer some discounted “Chicago Bulls” Game Passes or prepare a small stall to promote the product at the venue. Visiting the event for making some good contacts will also help in Sales.

Apart from major sports events, an organization can also aim at small events like Road shows, Local Marathon, Indoor Games, Book-fair, food festival & Shopping Mall or Multiplex inaugurations. While promoting a product/service in a public platform, some points must be taken care of. Firstly, written or verbal, the pitch must be short & to the point. The USP of the product must be catchy & finally show the cost effectiveness at its best. Sports & Events define the Social taste of a person & being identified in such events not only create new customer but also maintain a positive relationship between the organization & client.

After all everyone needs some Entertainment!

On this note, I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check out my colleague’s previous blog on Translation Management and Smart Links to Salesforce Knowledge Articles.

Written by- Gaurav Sengupta

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