SharePoint – Passing Parameters in Power Apps

SharePoint – Passing Parameters in Power Apps

Passing parameters in Power App Forms that are embedded in SharePoint pages is not possible. This is a Microsoft Power App Bug which Microsoft has acknowledged and is working on a resolution.

But this does not stop us from exploring ways to accomplish our desired outcome. Here’s what we can do –

We have to pass parameters using query string in power apps form so that on another page it would get
the parameter and show the filtered data based on parameters.

Develop Power App Forms:
Develop the canvas forms in power apps and then using data table control load the list data as per need.

Embed these forms in SharePoint modern pages using Embed featured. These power apps embedded
inside <iframe> tag on a page. Now we have two different modern pages each having power app forms.

Pass Parameter:
Pass the parameter on click on any item from one page to another using Navigate function.
Navigate(ScreenToNavigate, ScreenTransition.Fade, { Argument1: 04 , Argument2: SomeText })
In another page you need to collect/catch this parameter value, you can get that by different functions,
Param(“ParamName”) functions or by direct assigning values.
LookUp('***** Slips', 'Case Title'.Value = Param("[ParamName]"))
Filter('Case ****’,CaseTitle.Value=SelectParamName.SelectedText.Value)

Now the problem is in another screen/page parameter value cannot be read as the forms are embedded
in iframe. This has been raised in Microsoft support and MS had considered this as limitation.

Created Different Screens in One Power App Forms
The solution in this scenario is to create multiple screens in a same Power App form and then embed
this form in SharePoint modern page. Above functions remain same but now as there is no iframe it
reads the parameter and get the correct value.

On this note, I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check out my colleague’s previous blog on FTP using FileZilla.

Written by- Harish Hatnapure

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