Easily Manage & Optimize
Your Marketing Efforts

Let’s set up a Marketing Cloud to manage and optimize your customer engagement and marketing efforts across multiple channels.

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Build An Eye-Catching
Email Campaign

Not sure how to put together a great email campaign? Use the Marketing Cloud. Let us help you set it up so you can design, schedule, and send emails for your email campaigns.

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Test different versions of their emails and determine which version performs better.

Personalize emails based on customer data and behavior.

Automated emails, sent to customers based on their behavior or preferences.

Your Customers Calls
For Personalized Web Experience

Implement Salesforce and personalize web experiences for your customers based on their preferences and behavior. Let Blueflame Labs help you!

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Do Marketing The Right Way!

Salesforce isn't just for managing the customer experience; it also helps with social media presence, mobile marketing, and advertising in general. Time to implement it!

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Social Media Marketing

Salesforce implementation to manage social media presence across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mobile Marketing

Using tools and services from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, mobile marketing efforts, such as SMS and push notifications, can be made as effective as possible.


Create and run advertising campaigns on different channels, such as social media, display ads, and search ads.

Journey Builder To Build Customer Journey

When you have Salesforce in place, it's easy to create and manage customer journeys across various channels, such as email, social media, and mobile.

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Advance Analytics & Reporting Right At Your Finger Tips

Advanced analytics and reporting tools let you keep track of and measure how well your marketing campaigns are doing. Let us help you execute the change!

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