Automate Quotes & Proposal
With CPQ

Ready to allow your sales teams to quickly and accurately create quotes, send them to customers, and track the status of the quotes?

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Everything Under Control! From Product Catalog To Configuration

Allow Blueflame Labs to help you define and configure product attributes, bundle products together, and set pricing rules for each product with ease.

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Create and Manage your Product Catalog

Guided Selling Experience

Select the Right Products and Options based on the Customers’ Needs

Diverse Pricing Rules
For Different Customers

No worries about how to set different pricing rules for different products. With CPQ everything becomes easier to achieve.

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Get Your Quotes & Proposals Ready In No Time

We help you automate the process of creating quotes and proposals with a range of customizable templates and set up approval workflows for them.

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Quote Creation

Generate quotes quickly, customize them with your branding and messaging, and send them to customers.

Quote Templates

Add your branding, images, and messaging to make the quotes more engaging and persuasive.

Approval Workflows

Define rules for each stage of the approval process and track the status of each quote in real time.

Manage Your Contracts From Within The Software

No confusion or hopping between different software! Create contracts, track their status, and automate the renewal process—all from one place.

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A Way To Better Insights
for Elevated Sales Process

Yes! It’s time you got real-time analytics and reporting that gives you added insights. Track metrics and use this data to optimize your sales process.

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Ready to Leverage
the Advantages of CPQ?

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