Power of Salesforce and Tableau Together

Power of Salesforce and Tableau Together

Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM platform today, reinventing customer relationship management. Also, it’s expanding & marking presence in a completely new vertical called Business Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein leveraging AI technology to augment its CRM capability in the Cloud Computing world. But the only drawback, -Customers will need more time to adapt it as it’s a new technology.

But worry not! Tableau is here to the rescue – A software that puts rich customer data to work by providing analytics for everyone in your organization & also blend Salesforce data with other types of data for a deeper understanding and increased visibility into opportunities. With Tableau, you can provide your entire sales team, channel team and executives with secured, up-to-date, customized views of data — even through browsers and mobile devices.

Integration of Tableau with Salesforce is a boon for all the customers as many will be familiar with its usage & advantages. It’s in market for a longer time creating a WIN-WIN situation for both Salesforce and Tableau.

(Data Visualization + Data Understanding)+(Engage Customer + Customer Understanding)
=Tableau + Salesforce

Tableau provides data visualization and understanding whereas Salesforce provides a platform to engage customers and understand them. Using Salesforce, one can experience faster sales closure & connect with their customers anytime, anywhere. Data pattern understanding, visualization and statistical analysis provide deep insight of sales and services which help Salesforce and Tableau to achieve customer success together.

Salesforce comes with native reporting and dashboard which is capable of handling data visualization within the Salesforce painlessly. Tableau comes in picture when data visualization capability needs to be increased & it supports Salesforce to interpret complicated requirements in easy to understand visualization analytics. Tableau has built-in features for connection with Salesforce which is secure and allowed to integrate standard and custom objects.

Tableau analytics dashboard is included in Salesforce as follows:
– Web tab
– Visualforce Page with Iframe
– Canvas App

Salesforce and Tableau together have the following benefits:

– Easy access of Tableau analytics from Salesforce Platform using any device i.e. Mobile or Tablet, Laptop etc.
– Tableau visualizations are easy to understand & easy to use for non-IT professionals
– Tableau can combine data across different data models and show them in the same chart
– Tableau can efficiently handle large volume of data

On this note, I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check out my colleague’s previous blog on Increase Productivity with the New Einstein Search.

Written by- Sudeep Dube

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