Have The Control To Compel On-Time Project

Manage all aspects of your projects, from planning to execution, through a single, unified platform through NetSuite SuiteProjects. Integrate its power in your business, and let Blueflame Labs help you!

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Your Project’s Success Is In Your Hand

Want to understand and use the tools for project planning, resource allocation, task management, and project tracking? Get it with NetSuite SuiteProjects. Get assistance from the experts from Blueflame Labs and know how to utilise project templates and project-specific dashboards.

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Utilizing Resources is Not Easy! Let’s Make it Happen

Let Blueflame Labs be your guide to enable maximize resource use by displaying resource availability, competencies, and utilization rates through SuiteProjects.

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Resource availability

Tools for scheduling and assigning resources to projects

Visibility into resource utilization rates

Resource forecasting capabilities

Range of reports and dashboards

Divulge Into Accurate Time & Expense Management

We know how important it is to enables team members to log their time and expenses against specific projects and tasks. Hence, by implementing SuiteProjects you can get approvals and billing workflows to ensure accuracy and accountability.

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Collaborate The Right Way With The Right Assistance

We are here to lead you to the collaboration tools such as project-specific discussion forums, file sharing, and team calendars, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals.

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Project-specific discussion forums for easy communication

File sharing capabilities to share project-related files

Visibility into team member availability, project deadlines, and milestones.

Customer Satisfaction, Not A Dream Anymore!

Want to deliver projects on time and within budget? Let us help you implement SuiteProjects in your enterprise. Let's enhance customer satisfaction by providing a high level of transparency and communication throughout the project lifecycle. It's time to build stronger relationships with their customers!

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