Manufacturing Made Easy With Netsuite

Optimise your manufacturing process with NetSuite's user-friendly cloud-based ERP solution that is conceived to streamline operations and drive business growth.

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Reduce Waste And Save Costs With Inventory Management

Are you a manufacturer, who wants to keep tabs on their stock of raw materials and finished goods, as well as the costs associated with both? Do it with the help of NetSuite Manufacturing's real-time inventory visibility.

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Effortless Way To Stay On Schedule & Meet Demand

Make sure to factor in consumer demand, raw material availability, and manufacturing limitations when planning your production schedule. It's time to streamline manufacturing and cut down on delays.

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Create detailed production schedules

Allocate resources, such as machines, equipment, and labour

Plan and manage material requirements for production

Manage customer orders and prioritise production schedules

Real-time reporting and analytics on production schedules

Shop Floor Control To Reduce Lead Times

You can now monitor production in real time with the help of NetSuite Manufacturing, which also gives you a clear view of all the work being done in the factory and alerts you about any problems that may develop.

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Ensure Quality, Every Step of the Way

It's your time to set up quality control processes and conduct inspections at key points throughout manufacturing that help ensure consistent product quality. Let Blueflame Labs guide you!

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Set up quality control plans and define inspection criteria

Tools to manage non-conformance issues

Real-time visibility into quality metrics

Seamlessly Manage Your Finances

Access Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Financial Reporting as financial management tools in NetSuite Manufacturing. Manage your finances more efficiently and effectively.

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Execute NetSuite Manufacturing?

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