My Ongoing Journey With Blue Flame Labs Microsoft Team

My Ongoing Journey With Blue Flame Labs Microsoft Team

Do you feel that your sumptuous corporate job has become tedious? Your stable job and monthly pays are not exhilarating you anymore? And you feel that you are just a small fish in the vast ocean? Then, you hear the buzzword “start-up” and you contemplate whether you should be part of this journey or not?

If these things hover in your mind, its time to move on. Continue reading to know the inside story of a start-up, right from the horse’s mouth (a Fresher employee). I can still remember the day I had my first interview with my Team Lead in Blue Flame Labs.

I prepared as much as I could, and researched the office location through Google Maps so I wouldn’t be late. At the start of the interview I was nervous, but as I spoke with Harish I felt more comfortable. I felt I didn’t perform well in the interview. However, when I got a chance to speak with the management, I couldn’t be more thankful. I discussed with them how I can benefit the organisation because I am a quick learner and I wanted to prove myself to meet their expectations quickly. I was ecstatic to know that they all believed in me and gave me a chance.

And that’s the start of my journey. With baby steps, I completed 8 months in this organization, and not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual.

Speaking of Co-workers:

Being a part of the Microsoft Team here at Blue Flame Labs has been one of the best parts of working here. I felt right at home because of the warm welcome from my team mates. Everyone here is genuine as well as nice, and I am happy to continue working with them. Whether we are cranking out some killer content, working or engaging with customers, we do it all with a great sense of joy and dedication, and that to me is the sign of a great company. In my eyes, the Microsoft team here is simply awesome. It’s all about having fun while you work hard. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

In these 8 months and counting journey, I’ve learned five major lessons that I think can apply to everyone in their lives :

  • Success is NOT a straight line
  • There’s no substitute for hard work and persistence
  • Be confident enough to accept your faults
  • Take calculative risks
  • Success means performing, even when the spotlight isn’t on

A career takes the highway when motivation is in the driver’s seat. And Blue Flame Labs’ motivation is in the right hands. I know that this is just the beginning of what will be a great career with a great company, and I look forward to working hard for our clients every single day of the week!

So, keep in mind all the 5 lessons and one last thing…

“The world doesn’t need anyone of us to think smaller, the world needs all of us to dream bigger, to be bolder, and figure out what makes us come alive.”

On this note, I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check out my team’s previous blog on SharePoint.

Written by- Mayur Saner

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