Marketing Cloud’s Mobile App

Marketing Cloud’s Mobile App

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile App is an app like Salesforce1 app that helps you run your business from your phone. You can manage your Accounts, Users, Opportunities etc from anywhere.

Home Dashboard of the app shows you all the important features:
1.Email Activity
2.Mobile Messaging Activity
3.Journey Activity

Email Activity
Email Activity is used in Journey Builder for email sends to contacts of Marketing cloud specified in the journey. Once you complete all the steps for Email Activity like completing the Message Configuration Section which includes Delivery Profile, Sender Profile etc. you can also see the Email Activity Statistics. You can see the Unique Clicks, Unique Opens, Bounces and Unsubscribes.

Mobile Messaging Activity
Mobile messaging activity includes the SMS, LINE Message, Push Notification, In-App Message, and Inbox activities for sending to mobile devices. We can configure all the above things and also utilize Mobile Studio.

Journey Activity
Marketer impact contacts set the activities until the contact reaches the endpoint or goal of the journey. The different activities include Messages, Advertising, Flow Control, Customer Updates, Sales & Service Cloud, and Custom. Canvas activities include messages, decisions, or update—or a combination of these elements—dragged onto the Journey Builder canvas.

Interesting Features
You can set reminders to keep everything on track and work closely with your team.
You can Pause, Resume, Cancel or Approve Emails on automation using the Marketing Cloud’s Mobile App. Email Open and click through rates, Automation schedules and airs and SMS Deliverability helps you to check the performance of the campaigns.

Smarter Sales Team
The Sales team can become smarter and more predictive as the Marketing cloud mobile app also has Einstein for Marketing Cloud as it allows them to preview Product recommendations and dynamic content for every subscriber. These days Sales team need tools which help them to close deals faster. If they could get an app which will help them to work on the go, then that is a cherry on the cake.

Ease with Campaign Management
Journey builder gauges performance of campaigns gives a visualization of each path allowing increased optimization of every customer Journey. Stay connected with your Marketing Cloud campaigns while on the go with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile App. This app is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Reviews and Drawbacks
One major con of this app is that it doesn’t support Single Sign on right now as there is no button to authenticate via SSO like Salesforce1 but hopefully this will also be introduced in upcoming versions. It also doesn’t have many options on daily basis checking which are available on desktop.

• Track performance for Email, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, and Campaigns
• Take actions such as pause, cancel and resume for Email and Automations
• Share your results through email and text
• Easily Switch Business Units to view data across the organization

On this note, I am signing off now. Don’t forget to check out my colleague’s previous blog on Power of Salesforce and Tableau Together.

Written by- Bhawani Singh Nirwan

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