Increase Productivity with the New Einstein Search

Increase Productivity with the New Einstein Search

About 4.5 billion people are using internet to search, purchase products or obtain information about anything that comes to mind. Hence, search engines play an important role to retrieve appropriate results in very little time. We also expect the search to be accurate, fast and constantly improving. But in CRM’s, we use multiple clicks to find the exact result across the confusing interface. To resolve this and provide the same experience as search engines to users, Salesforce has developed Einstein Search.

Einstein Search brings the intelligent search to CRM by making the search personal, natural and actionable.

What is AI?
To understand how AI is used in our daily lives, take out your mobile phones. Did you use Siri or Google to check the score of a football match? Did you watch the videos on YouTube that says- recommended for you? Each of these is classic examples of AI or machine learning.

What is Einstein?
Think of it as your CRM assistant that is like Siri or Google which will give you predictions, recommendations to connect to customers in a whole new and exciting way.

Einstein is a package that includes advanced machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep learning, and smart data discovery and all of this within Salesforce.

What is Einstein AI?
Einstein is available and fully integrated into Salesforce for customers with Enterprise Edition License and above with Lightning-enabled users. Now you can do the work of data scientists and developers using Einstein AI. Here are some apps that you can leverage while using Einstein AI:

●Einstein Prediction Builder: Without using any code, you can build your custom predictions of what happens next or possible business outcomes. This custom AI model can be created on any of the Salesforce Field or Objects.

●Einstein Language: It is a type of Natural Language Processing (NLP). It analyses the unstructured text. Companies with a large traffic of customer support emails, chat message or media posts can use this to filter out important messages and forward them to the right department.

●Einstein Next Best Action: It gives recommendations to take the next best step that will make the maximum impact on the business.

●Einstein Vision: It is a very powerful machine learning tool used by Einstein AI. You can see the entire conversation about your product/brand on any social media and beyond that. It also includes a deep learning module to recognize your product/brand.

●Einstein Voice: It allows users to give voice commands to get daily briefings, make updates or see-through Dashboards. It is made up of Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots, processes the voice into unstructured data which can be used to complete the request.

If you like what you’ve read so far and want a complete deep dive into the New Einstein Search, let’s connect and discuss more!

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Written by- Yash Ghoradkar

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