Xero Integration with Salesforce

About This Project

The client provides services in the Telecommunication industry. Their fibre based connectivity and exceptionally well end to end fibre network is affordable and scalable to meet customer requirements. The client is working with us for over an year.We delivered multiple projects but this project was a major one.

Executive Summary

Client utilizes Salesforce app for data integration which is a 2-way sync between it’s online accounting system and Salesforce. Client wants to build it’s own application to sync it’s company’s data with Salesforce.



  • They were relying on a third party app for their business and it was very costly.
  • They were worried about the security of data as they were using a third party app.
  • There was a lot of manual effort using excel sheets to import the data in Xero app.
  • Their goal was to build an in house app and not depend upon a subscription based third party application.

How Your Organization Helped​

  • We helped the client to build a private authentication method for Xero integration with Salesforce.
  • We did customization to reduce manual effort of importing excel sheets in Xero.
  • With the help of customization their accounting data present in salesforce was automatically syncing in Xero app.
  • We utilized VF pages and Triggers to attach invoices generated from Xero App in opportunity records of Salesforce.


With the help of Blue Flame Labs, the client is now able to get it’s own in house app which integrates their accounting data with Xero using Private authentication and 2 way sync. With the customizations and automation, the client was able to reduce the manual effort and improve productivity.

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