Payment solution for automotive engineering firm

About This Project

The client focuses on designing, testing and building of products which will be used for everyday flight in the future. Their expertise in automotive engineering, advanced manufacturing, industrial design, regulatory compliance etc. is remarkable and they are quite popular in their domain.

Executive Summary

Client utilizes Salesforce for managing customer and product details. Using Salesforce client is able to give premium service to it’s customers and also keeps all the major and minor details of it’s products in Salesforce CRM.



  • Reliable payment processing solution was not present for Product purchase.
  • They were not able to provide multiple payment options to its customers which led to bad customer experience.
  • No payment facility for non-salesforce users.

How Your Organization Helped​

  • We implemented a payment solution using an AppExchange app for payment processing.
  • Created Public site Visualforce Page for payments of the product purchased and amount details of the purchase gets stored on the related opportunity record.
  • Provided a custom solution using VF page and API’s which allows payment to be done in installments through Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer and Escrow.
  • We utilized custom settings for Escrow and Wire transfer payment method to store and display data.
  • Developed a solution to send the payment link to user on Billing contact’s (Non-Salesforce User) email id when user clicks on Request Payment though Email button.
  • All transaction records with all details will be displayed in payment history table to help users.


With the help of Blue Flame Labs, the client now uses a payment processing solution which helps the client to get paid 42% faster with features of stored payment methods, future scheduled transactions, and automated retry logic of payments. Using this payment gateway there are less transaction issues in payment processing of credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank accounts. They can also get payments from non-salesforce users.
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