Lightning experience solution for shipping software firm

About This Project

The client focuses on developing cloud-based parcel audit and intelligence technology that provides parcel audit, intelligence and engineering solutions. Their system extracts and analyzes data which can be used to streamline shipping processes, engage in smarter parcel contract negotiations, and reduce shipping costs even more in the Supply chain and Logistics Software domain.

Executive Summary

Client utilizes Salesforce and connects the customer to parcel accounts in minutes, importing electronic invoices from carrier and extracting critical data to help identify opportunities to reduce shipping costs. Client has proved that Data-driven decisions save money and assist in shipping contract negotiations.


  • Client was using Salesforce classic UI which was clunky, often requiring lots of clicks and movement within the system to accomplish a singular goal.
  • They were not able to achieve their goals like user adoption, increased efficiency and boost in return on investment (ROI).
  • The user experience was not that fast and effective.

How Your Organization Helped​

  • We helped the client to migrate to Lightning Experience. It is more than a new user interface; it incorporates the latest technology with SFDC’s CRM expertise.
  • We implemented component design which allowed client’s employees to switch between multiple records quickly with fewer clicks, letting them work prospects instead of task lists.
  • We introduced the client with Intuitive layouts and agile workflows which brought user adoption to a whole new level.
  • We created global actions and layouts based on the requirement for different profiles.
  • We compared classic and lightning experience and configured lightning which was salesforce efficient and productive.
  • Solution helped client in increasing its ROI and ultimately achieve their goal.


With the help of Blue Flame Labs, the client now utilized Salesforce in the Lightning Experience which takes CRM into the future. It is a change management tool which gave client the customization and convenience it needs to redefine the customer relationships. User adoption was great, it increased efficiency and client was able to realize the full potential that our solution of Lightning Experience brought to the table.
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