Google Map Integration Solution for Real Estate Firm

About This Project

The client is listed in one of the top companies of real estate market. They offer services of buying and selling properties. They provide a dedicated professional team to get the best deal and they make good use of technology to deliver a great real estate experience.

Executive Summary

Client utilizes Salesforce for managing customer and professional team details. Using Salesforce client is able to provide exceptional service to it’s customers as it helps the professional team to manage customers well.



  • Professional team was not able to manage multiple customers or opportunities in a day.
  • They were not able to utilize the team upto it's maximum potential.
  • Productivity and customer experience were not up to the mark.

How Your Organization Helped​

  • We implemented a solution using the Google API's to populate Google map on Salesforce.
  • Created Visualforce Page to show related account address of the opportunity which is being worked upong by professional team.
  • Visualforce will show google map and will mark pins on account addresses which will be utilized by the team for customer meetings.
  • The solution contains logic to show addresses based on the Opportunity stages.


With the help of Blue Flame Labs, the client was able to improve team’s productivity and enhance customer experience. With our solution they were able to save time, manage customers efficiently and increase their ROI. They are the best in the business of real estate market.

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