Field Service Lightning customization

About This Project

The client focuses on providing service like resurfacing and coating of decks and floors based on the package selected by the customer. A service request is generated by the customer through the client’s website.

Executive Summary

Client utilizes Salesforce and connects the customer to generate service requests through their website. They wanted to utilize Field Service Lightning to automate the process of scheduling and optimizing the service appointments assigned to their resources in addition to split the multi-day services appointment into single day service appointments created each day for multiple days.


  • Client wanted to split the multi-day services, i.e. with standard FSL feature a multi-day service books the calendar of a resource for the number of days a service appointment span. This leads to low optimization.

    He wanted to split the multi-day service by creating a new service every day till the number of days the appointment spans.
  • They were not able to achieve their goals like high scheduling optimization, assignment of service appointments based on resource rating, scheduling of appointment based on weather conditions suitable for the work type.
  • FSL standard features do not allow appointment scheduling based on specific weather conditions required for a work type. Though it takes high intensity weather conditions into consideration provided that your setup FSL settings according to that.

How Your Organization Helped​

  • We helped the client to split the multi-day day services into single day service by creating them every night for multiple days.
  • We implemented automation which allowed system to check for specific weather conditions for specific work types and schedule appointments.
  • We created profiles and permission sets based on the requirement.
  • We created work rules and scheduling policies to check for weather conditions, resource rating, scheduling for specific work type.
  • Solution helped client in increasing it resource utilization and customer service experience.


With the help of Blue Flame Labs, the client now utilized Salesforce Field Service Lightning more extensively. With the customization, automation and configuration done the client was able to optimize the service appointment scheduling with much more efficient resource utilization making a way for better customer experience.
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