Advanced Flow Concepts

Advanced Flow Concepts

Salesforce Admins are always looking for new ways to deliver innovation to their users by streamlining processes without code and eliminating repetitive, frustrating tasks. This winter 20 release became even easier with Flow Builder.

What is Flow?
A flow is basically part of the Lightning Flow inside Salesforce that automates a business process by collecting data and performing operations in your org or an external system. On multiple objects flow can easily fetch, delete, update and create records. Most used types of flows are:

1.Screen Flows
2.Auto-launched Flow

Screen Flows
In this type of flow, Screen elements are used to gather information from the user and perform some operation. Screen flows can be accessed from custom buttons, custom links, Visualforce Pages, Lightning component etc. This type of flow is implemented if a user interaction is needed in the process.

Auto-launched Flow
Auto-launched flow runs in the background without any user interaction. Auto-launched flows can be accessed from custom buttons, custom links, Visualforce Pages, process builder and Apex etc.

Looping is another most advanced feature in Flow that uses more advanced automation without writing code. It is similar to for loop in apex code. A collection is nothing but a list of items, such as field values or email addresses. A loop uses a record single variable to store the values for the current item in the record collection variable.

Choices are powerful elements configuring flow screen components. Display choices are selecting choices to display in a specific field. The choices appear as radio buttons, checkboxes, picklist options, choices, record choice sets or picklist choice set.

Apex-Defined Data Type
Use the Apex-defined data type for the flow variable variables to store the complex data retrieved from an Apex action.

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Written by- Komal Patil

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